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Kent Fluid Power Hydraulic Repair Center

Lightnin Gearbox undergoing repairsLightnin Gearbox undergoing repairs

Gearbox repair

We strive to ensure that all gearboxes that come into our shop for repair leave our facility more efficient than when they came in. We ensure they have better tolerances, by applying cosma-line to protect the interior. We understand that often, the gearboxes we repair are used as backups, and aren’t put into use right away. So we ensure that they are prepared for long term storage, either indoors or out if need be.

Disassembled hydraulic cylinderDisassembled hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder repair

We uphold a high standard for cylinder repair. We polish all of the rods and hone all of the barrels to make sure you will get the best operation out of your repaired cylinder. We even have equipment to machine new rods and barrels up to 20 feet long and 20 inches in diameter should you need a replacement.

Hagglunds hydraulic motor disassembledHagglunds hydraulic motor disassembled

Hydraulic pumps and motor repair

To ensure our repairs give you back a quality product, we have a 100 horsepower test stand with real-time ISO cleanliness monitoring in our facility to properly test all of our repairs. We also have a lapping table to smooth out scratches on your internal components to help stave off a costly replacement.

Hydraulic power unit repair

Our repair center can fully refurbish your existing HPU, saving you the hassle of going through a complete redesign. Refurbishing a unit tends to have better lead times than getting a completely new one, and also saves you money. In addition, we can also upgrade your power unit if it’s no longer living up to your needs.

Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment

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