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Barksdale Control Products

Barksdale is a registered manufacturer of for industrial controls, specializing in the control and measurement of fluids. They are also certified for the automotive industry, and effective environmental management systems (EMS). Barksdale has the ability to supply specially designed or adapted products to meet customers' exact requirements. This is accomplished by offering a wide range of optional modifications to most of the product line. This won’t cover all eventualities, however, so Barksdale is ready to assist, even if that means developing new technologies.

Barksdale serves a variety of industries, with products found in steel mills, on machine tools, in auto plants, in power generation and distribution facilities, in chemical processing plants, in pulp and paper mills, textile mills, amusement parks, and food processing plants, on offshore drilling rigs, in oil and natural gas fields, in rescue equipment, and on many forms of transportation equipment, both on- and off-road.

Barksdale Control Products differential pressure switchBarksdale Control Products differential pressure switch

Products Include:

Electronic Switches

Mechanical Pressure Switches:

  • Diaphragm Switches
  • Differential Switches
  • Dia-Seal Piston
  • Compact Switches
  • Sealed Piston
  • Bourdon

Pressure Transducers

Valves and Regulators:

  • Valves
  • Regulators
  • Pressure Relief Valve


  • Electronic Switches
  • Mechanical Switches


  • Electronic Switch
  • Level Switch
  • LevelSite

Engine Monitoring & Controls:

  • Engine Monitoring
  • Monitors & Scanners


  • Digital Panel Meters
  • Digital Tachometers
  • Pyrometers (Thermocouple Input Gauges)

Magnetic Pickups/­Speed Sensors:

  • Active (Powered)-Ordinary Area
  • Active (Powered)-Hazardous
  • Passive (Variable Reluctance)-Ordinary Area
  • Passive (Variable Reluctance)-Hazardous Area
  • Speed Sensing Accessories

Speed Switches & Transmitters:

  • Digital Speed Switches/­Transmitters
  • Analog Speed Switches/­Transmitters
  • Speed Switch/­Transmitter Accessories

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